Top 100 Games of the ’10s: #100-91

So if you haven’t been listening to the Make Me A Gamer podcast, you’ve been missing out on the fact that I’ve composed my top 100 games of the decade list – from 2010-2019. I’ve been doling out a few numbers here and there as part of our Countdown Cauldron segment and while I won’t be going over every number in the podcast, I did promise to write up companion pieces that outline all the games.

In the podcast we’re working through sets of 10. We started with 100-91 and in the most recent episode moved to the 81-90 set, which means now it’s time for me to release the first group of ten. I tried writing up my Top 100 games of All-Time a few years back and ended up burning out in the 60s, so I’m going to try and keep the descriptions a little more brief so I don’t fall into the same trap. I will note the ones that were discussed on the podcast (and link to the related episode) and keep those even briefer.

Without further ado, #100-#91 of my personal favorite games of the 2010s.

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My Top 100 Favorite Video Games

So at the beginning of this year, I started an ambitious project to list my top 100 video games of all-time. I intended to write a blurb about every game on the list and count down from 100 to 1, but unfortunately I fizzled out and only got through 100-61. You can find links to all those posts below in the list.

I didn’t want to have the year end without posting the whole list though, so under the cut is going to be a simple list of all 100 games. These are my favorites, not necessarily the “best” games I’ve ever played but the ones that have a special place in my heart or are just too fun not to share.

I may eventually get to writing up the rest, and if so I’ll update this post with links to each write-up. Unfortunately with November coming up and me probably attempting NaNoWriMo again, it’s unlikely I’ll have the time for the in-depth write-ups I’d like to do for these games, especially once we get into the top 20 or so. Anyway, without further ado, here are my 100 favorite games of all-time, starting with #100:

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Top 100 Games of All-Time: #70-61

And here we are again! I return with the next ten items on my top 100 games list. I’m starting to gush more so the entries are getting a little longer. But I know you’re not here to listen to me babble. When I looked back at my other articles, I realized that in every post for my top 100 list, I’ve said “without further ado” to lead into the next ten. So why break from tradition?

Without further ado, here’s #70-61!

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