Episode 29 – A Roguelike For Your Ears

After some schedule pinball, Make Me A Gamer is back on Tuesdays! We start off this episode with a rare, completely unedited audio intro just as a quick look to see what Make Me A Gamer sounds like behind the scenes pre-editing. Then TMan gets into his adventures at PAX East, talking about video games like Sparklite and Creature in the Well, and board games such as Shifting Squares and Visitor. HarveyZ talks about his experience QA testing a board game, and then they both discuss the upcoming Genesis Mini and finally getting to play the new Toejam & Earl game! We hope you enjoy! (This episode was recorded on April 4, 2019.)

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PAX East 2019: Sunday Round-Up

And now here’s my round-up for Sunday! I was unfortunately unable to get a ticket to the floor on Saturday, however I did get to go to the What’s Good Games Podcast meetup which was absolutely amazing. The women from the podcast are as genuine in person as they are on the podcast, and the community is welcoming and very friendly.

But enough about how awesome What’s Good Games is. Let’s talk about PAX East and video games!

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