Hey everyone! There weren’t any reviews or blog posts this week because I’m kinda preparing for travel to Boston because I’m going to be attending PAX East this year! Hooray! I’ll hopefully have some fun things to talk and blog about while in attendance, if not next week I will have plenty to discuss and publish! Have a great week!

Episode 28 – Crusaders of the Lost Grail (Movie Franchise March Madness)

On this week’s episode of Make Me A Gamer, TMan continues talking about Battletech as it’s his current favorite game. Meanwhile, HarveyZ has been playing more XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and wonders if his style of play says something about him as a gamer and a person. Then they both discuss their feelings on the Phoenix Point/Epic Games Store controversy of recent weeks before diving headfirst into a movie franchise March Madness bracket that unearths some surprising opinions on movie franchises for the both of them! We hope you enjoy! (This episode was recorded March 14th, 2019.)

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Music Theory #12 – A Day To Remember

New week, new music! Let’s go!

Artist: A Day To Remember

Latest Album: Bad Vibrations (2016)

Genre: Metalcore/Pop-punk

Favorite Track: Best of Me (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: I’m Made of Wax Larry What Are You Made Of?, All Signs Point To Lauderdale, Right Back At It Again, Sometimes You’re The Hammer Sometimes You’re The Nail, Leave All The Lights On, Paranoia, Naivety

Why I Enjoy Them: My first exposure to A Day To Remember was when I went to a Rise Against concert and they were the second band of the line-up. I was impressed by their live performance and ended up checking out Common Courtesy (their most recent album at the time). After coincidentally ending up seeing them live a second time (opening for Blink-182 this time) and buying their latest album Bad Vibrations, I became a big fan of their music. You have to like both screaming and the pop-punk style of the 2000s to really enjoy all their music, but it fits right into my wheelhouse and I recommend their stuff if you’re looking for something a little different.

Episode 27 – No Font Pics, Please

This week on Make Me A Gamer, TMan and HarveyZ have a debate on the merits of mustard and mayo before discussing the leaked Sonic the Hedgehog design from the upcoming live-action movie. This leads into a discussion on video game movies and other movies in general that they both enjoy. TMan ends the episode by talking a little bit about Battletech, the latest game he’s been having a lot of fun with. (This episode was recorded March 7th, 2019.)

*NOTE: Due to a technical oversight, the last part of this episode was cut off and so it ends kind of abruptly. Thankfully, not much was lost except for the usual outro so please check out our links below to find us other places on the internet!

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RE: New Zealand Terrorism

Please note I wrote most of this on Friday when everything was fresh. I took the weekend to take a breath before posting, but I still stand by all of it.

50 Muslim people are dead in Christchurch, New Zealand. A white supremacist terrorist walked into two mosques and used guns to kill innocent people.

He livestreamed the attack, using a camera mounted on his head so it looked like a first-person shooter.

He said “sub to PewdiePie” on his livestream before killing people.

He mentions video games and uses internet memes in his mainfesto.

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that at some point there will be a video games and violence narrative in relation to this terrorist attack.

So because I’m upset and angry and feeling helpless and useless, I’m going to do what I can and write about the internet culture that has produced radicalized white supremacists like the Christchurch terrorist(s).

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Music Theory #11 – Bullet For My Valentine

It’s yet another week in our inexorable march through time, so why not sit down and listen to another music recommendation?

Artist: Bullet For My Valentine

Latest Album: Gravity (2018)

Genre: Heavy metal/Post-hardcore

Favorite Track: Your Betrayal (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Scream Aim Fire, Fever, Pleasure and Pain, Temper Temper, Dirty Little Secret, Army of Noise, Skin, Gravity

Why I Enjoy Them: I was introduced to Bullet For My Valentine by Guitar Hero: World Tour, where I got to shred Scream Aim Fire on a plastic guitar. And while I really liked the vocals and awesome guitar riffs of that particular song, it wasn’t until their next album Fever that I really got into band. Fever, Temper Temper, and Venom are a trilogy of albums that I can play from start to finish whenever I’m in the mood to thrash, headbang, and play some wicked air guitar. They’re one of my top metal/rock bands and while their latest album Gravity was a slight genre shift and not as great (in my opinion) it has a few alright songs and I still consider Bullet For My Valentine a favorite band of mine.